Bees - and their important role as pollinators

Bees - and their important role as pollinators (Featured Image)

Did you know that bees have a wonderful sense of smell, navigate using the sun and do a waggle dance to convey directions to other worker bees about where to find the best pollen and nectar?

We love bees as extraordinary, hardworking creatures in their own right but also for their ability to help pollinate fruit trees and crops. Whilst figures differ somewhat between reports, most agree that between a third and a half of all the food we eat is due to pollination from bees.

There are of course other important pollinators as well but none that also give us delicious honey!

Did you know that there is evidence that humans have been keeping honey bees for more than 4000 years? Honey is prized in many societies and included in many traditional recipes.

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