Persimmons - Astringent or Non Astringent

Persimmons can be classed as either astringent or non-astringent. 

Non-astringent varieties of persimmons are ripe and ready to be eaten whilst crisp and can be enjoyed straight from the tree immediately after picking. 

Astringent persimmons are ripe when they have become very soft and are often best left to ripen for a few days after picking until they have a nearly jammy texture. 

The fruit from both persimmon types is sweet and versatile and can be eaten fresh, used in desserts, cheese platters, dried, and used in wines and liqueurs. 

Non-Astringent Varieties

Persimmon | Jiro (Dwarf)
Persimmon | Fuyu

Astringent Varieties

Persimmon | Nightingale