Avocado Pollination Types - Type A and Type B

Avocado trees can produce fruit with just one tree as they are essentially bisexual. Their flowers have both male and female parts, so even just one tree will provide you with fruit. You still need your pollinators like bees, of course!

You may have heard about Type A and Type B avocados? This refers to the times when the male and female parts of the flowers open on a plant. Two avocado trees of the same Type (A + A or B + B) will give you more fruit on each tree than one single tree due to greater chance for pollination.

For the largest volume of fruit on your trees planting an A Type + B Type is best.

See our Fruiting Calendar for the months in which your avocado variety will fruit.

Type A

Avocado | Wurtz (Dwarf)
Avocado | Hass
Avocado | Reed

Type B

Avocado | Shepard
Avocado | Edranol
Avocado | Bacon
Avocado | Fuerte
Avocado | Sir Prize
Avocado | Sharwill