What plants do we ship

Which plants can we ship

We can ship most varieties of plants to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA. 

Which plants don't we ship

Citrus trees cannot be posted outside of QLD. 

If you are living interstate or overseas, you can purchase citrus trees as a gift for someone who lives at a QLD address - in fact we think this is a lovely idea! However, no citrus trees can be posted interstate from QLD.

Taller trees and varieties

If your plants are too tall to fit into our postage boxes, they will have their tops trimmed for transit. 

The good news is that this pre-postage haircut will help the plant to initiate new buds and ultimately be good for growth as it becomes established in your garden. 

Deciduous trees

If you have chosen a deciduous tree, it may have been pruned to shape to achieve robust bud break in Spring. This is part of general care and maintenance of deciduous trees and is beneficial to support vigorous growth.

There is a tree that I want but shipping isn't offered

If you are seeking a variety and pot size from our website that is not included as a postage option you are welcome to reach out to us as we may be able to assist hello@fruittreecottage.com.au

Advanced trees and large pot sizes

Some pot sizes and tree options are not available to order for shipping. They simply won't fit into a postage box! These can only be ordered and collected from the nursery. 

Delivery on the Sunshine Coast, QLD

We personally deliver plants throughout the Sunshine Coast - where our nursery is based - using our Home Delivery service. Our local Home Delivery service is able to deliver all sizes of trees that our nursery stocks including larger sizes and advanced trees that are not available to be shipped.

Of course, if you live locally, or fancy a drive to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, you are welcome to place your order online and then click and collect your order directly from our Bli Bli nursery during our opening hours of Friday 10am – 2pm and Sunday 8am – 12pm.