Dragon Fruit | Red
Dragon Fruit | Red
Dragon Fruit | Red
Dragon Fruit | Red
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Dragon Fruit | Red

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The dragon fruit (dragonfruit) is an exotic climbing cactus plant. It's best grown against a wall, fence, stake or on a trellis for support. It makes an unusual and attractive garden plant and also grows well in pots.

This is a self-pollinating variety that produces stunning red fruit with a bright reddish pink flesh containing tiny black edible seeds. It has a refreshing, mild sweetness and can be eaten fresh or used in a fruit salad, jellies, preserves or on a cheese platter. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about buying this fruit tree.

Tree Specifications

Scientific Name
Fruiting Months
The flowering process is linked to the full moon and they can set fruit 3-4 times a year (calendar)
Maximum Height
Easy to train branches but left on its own it can grow up to 10 metres

Tree Options / Variations

We may stock our fruit trees in a variety of options. In general, the advanced and extra-advanced trees are taller and more mature than the standard trees and will likely start fruiting sooner. If you have any questions about which is the best option for you, please contact us to discuss.

Most dwarf fruit trees are pot-friendly and can comfortably be kept to a size that suits smaller spaces like courtyards, balconies and verandas and planted out into smaller spaces.

Top Tips for Planting

  • Requires well drained soil with lots of organic matter.
  • Plant in the full sun.

Top Tips for Growing

  • Water moderately and regularly.
  • Provide a trellis or stake or similar for support.


Is it suitable for growing in pots?

Dragon Fruit grow well in a large pot with plenty of support for its branches. You can train the branches into a shape that best suits where the pot is located.

How much water does it require?

Whilst Dragon Fruit are of the cactus family they do require regular moderate watering.

When will it start fruiting?

18-36 months – and with care it could possibly keep on fruiting for the next 20-30 years.

Did You Know

Did you know that the flowering and fruiting process of the Dragon Fruit is linked to the full moon rather than the seasons? The flowers bloom only at night - generally the night of the full moon - and are closed by mid-morning the following day. The cycle from pollination to picking is about 8-12 weeks and depending on weather conditions they can set fruit 3-4 times a year. 

Delivery Information

Please contact us if you would like to discuss delivery options. There is a minimum order requirement of $65 and delivery charges apply. Alternatively, order online and come and collect from us. See our Collection and Delivery Policy (Shipping Policy) for more information.

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