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The red cherry guava - known commonly as the strawberry guava - is a delicious fruiting plant producing masses of medium sized red fruit. 

It has dark glossy leaves and makes an attractive addition to the garden. The fruit are sweet with strawberry flavours and can be eaten fresh from the tree or used in cooking or preserving. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about buying this fruit tree.

Tree Specifications

Scientific Name
psidium cattleianum var. cattleianum
Fruiting Months
March, April, May (calendar)
Pot Size
Purchase Height
approx. 1 foot
Maximum Height
2-4 metres (comfortably kept pruned to 2 metres)
Self Pollinating

Top Tips for Planting

- Prefers full sun but will still grow in produce in areas with some shade

- Requires well-drained soil

Top Tips for Growing

- Regular watering whilst becoming established and then moderate watering thereafter

- Benefits from a regular application of fertiliser


Can I grow Cherry Guavas in a pot?

Absolutely! Cherry Guavas will grow and fruit very successfully when grown in a pot. 

Delivery Information

Please contact us if you would like to discuss delivery options. There is a minimum order requirement of $65 and delivery charges apply. Alternatively, order online and come and collect from us. See our Collection and Delivery Policy (Shipping Policy) for more information.

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