Avocado | Sir Prize
Avocado | Sir Prize
Avocado | Sir Prize
Avocado | Sir Prize
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Avocado | Sir Prize 
(Type B)

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The Sir Prize Avocado is a special variety that produces a crop of large dark glossy green pear-shaped fruit. As the fruit ripens the skin changes colour to a very dark shiny aubergine / black. 

Sir Prize avocados trees are highly sought after. They produce a large fruit with a small stone meaning lots of delicious creamy avocado flesh! 


Please contact us if you have any questions about buying this fruit tree.

Tree Specifications

Scientific Name
Persea americana
Fruiting Months
June, July, August (calendar)
Maximum Height
Around 10 metres (can be comfortably kept to 4-5 metres with regular pruning)
Pollination Type
Type B (find out more)
Propagation Method
Grafted (find out more)

Top Tips for Planting

  • Requires well drained soil with lots of organic matter.
  • Daily watering on soil above existing root area is required especially in the first 12-16 weeks whilst becoming established.

Top Tips for Growing

  • Plant in full sun with shelter from strong winds.
  • Fertilize regularly.


Is it suitable for growing in pots?

Full size avocado varieties are not ideal for growing in pots if you are hoping to produce a good crop.

How much water does it require?

Avocados require regular deep watering but must have well drained soil i.e. no clay.

When will it start fruiting?

These are grafted avocados and fruiting will begin 2-3 years after they are planted into the ground.

Did You Know

Avocado trees can produce fruit with just one tree? They are essentially bisexual with both male and female flowers on the same tree, so with even just one tree planted it will give you fruit. You may have heard about Type A and Type B avocados. This refers to the times when the male and female flowers open and you can read more about the Avocado Pollination Types. There is no doubt however, that you will get more fruit if you have more than one avocado tree of the same Type - and more again if you have both an A Type and a B Type.

Delivery Information

Please contact us if you would like to discuss delivery options. There is a minimum order requirement of $65 and delivery charges apply. Alternatively, order online and come and collect from us. See our Collection and Delivery Policy (Shipping Policy) for more information.

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