How Often Should I Water My Fruit Trees

How Often Should I Water My Fruit Trees (Featured Image)

How often should I water my Fruit Trees? Such a good question and there’s no one answer. Different plants require different amounts of water to thrive. Weather conditions also affect how much water is needed and how frequently to water.

However, a good rule of thumb with fruit trees, is that the soil your plant is growing in should remain moist. If the soil is lacking moisture, the fine feeder roots will quickly start to dry out and desiccate and this will negatively affect your plant's growth.

Whilst your plants are young, they will need watering most days - except during periods of steady/heavy rain. Larger trees in small pots will also require more frequent watering. Make sure that your soil has good free drainage, so that your fruit tree absorbs the water it needs but is not waterlogged.

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