Tackling Pests and Problems on your Fruit Trees

Tackling Pests and Problems on your Fruit Trees (Featured Image)

When it comes to gardening, it’s not a matter of if a pest will appear but rather when!

The best way to stay on top of pests and problems on your fruit trees is to wander around and observe your plants regularly. This gives you a good chance of spotting and resolving any issues quickly before they have a chance to take hold. A good tip is to carefully check soft, delicate new growth on plants as this is often a target for pests. As well as looking on the top of the leaves of your fruit tree, also check the underneath as this is where eggs are often laid.

The sooner you can spot a problem, identify the cause and start treating your tree, the less damage the pest is likely to cause. When it comes to identifying what pest is affecting your tree, you can be sure that if you are experiencing a problem then others will have done so, too.

There are many informative articles online with photographs that will help you identify what your issue is, so you can then choose how best to treat it.

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