What Height will my Fruit Tree Grow?

What Height will my Fruit Tree Grow? (Featured Image)

Why does my plant label say that my fruit tree could grow from 5-10 metres in height? That’s a big difference! You’re right - it IS a big difference!

There are lots of reasons why the mature height of a fruit tree can differ. Below are a few of the common reasons that could have an influence:

  • Whether grown in a pot or in the ground
  • Local weather conditions and climate
  • Consistency of watering
  • Soil profile and composition
  • Added nutrition for the plant (too much, too little, balanced)
  • Pruning and plant management
  • Specific rootstock used
  • Exposure to, and management of, pest or disease
  • Amount of sunshine
  • Amount of protection, shade and shelter
  • Specific genetics of the tree

The location your tree is grown in and its care and management, will provide a specific combination of factors that will impact on the maximum height your fruit tree could potentially grow.

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